Tips for Safely Assembling Holiday Gifts

While many of us like to believe that we have the same skills as a group of Santa’s elves, assembling toys and other gifts for children can seem like a daunting task. Especially if it’s been left until Christmas Eve! 

The holidays can be hectic and stressful, and it might be tempting to slap together a dollhouse or bicycle just to get it done. But for your children’s safety, remember to follow safety tips when assembling toys and other products around the holidays. 

Tips for Safe Product Assembly 

Read the directions – Yeah, this one might seem obvious, but it’s important to read all the steps and instructions to make sure you are putting an item together correctly and not overlooking some essential part or task. 

Pay for a professional – Many stores have trained experts on hand who will assemble your purchase (i.e. a bicycle) for a small fee or even for free. This can help take the guesswork and hassle out of making sure you did it the right way. 

Inspect the parts– This is especially important if the product includes any electrical components. Take all the pieces out of the box and inspect each carefully for broken pieces, frayed wires or malfunctioning parts. 

Keep the box and instructions – Hold on to the box and other packaging materials in case something goes awry with your new purchase and you need to return it to the manufacturer. Just make sure you keep plastic bags, zip ties and other small parts away from small children (remove any small parts or packaging before giving the gift to your child). 

Test it out – Before handing off an item to your child, test it out to make sure it’s safe. 

Follow these precautions during the holiday gift-giving – and assembling – season to help ensure that the items your child receives can be used in the proper and safe manner. 

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