Pain Pump Lawsuits Stack Up in State and Federal Courts

Pain pumps have been linked to the development of chondrolysis, a condition in which joint cartilage dies and the bones are left to grind on each other. Medical studies have proven a connection between the disorder and pain pumps, although the reason in still unknown.

To date, hundreds of patients have developed chondrolysis after being treated with a pain pump. In fact, more than 200 pain pump lawsuits have been filed on behalf of injured patients. The consequences are painful and the damage is irreversible. Many patients have had to undergo surgery to reverse the effects.

According to studies, an increase in cases of chondrolysis was seen about six years ago. While studies have linked the development of the condition to the pain pumps, manufacturers of the device argue that more research must be done to really prove the link.

Pain Pump Lawsuits Pile Up

The very first lawsuit was filed about two years ago. Since then, the lawsuits have piled up. As of last year, I-Flow Corporation, the largest manufacturer of the pain pump, was involved in almost 200 lawsuits. The lawsuits involved a total of 412 patients who claimed to have been injured by the pump.

The lawsuits claim that pump manufacturers failed to warn consumers and healthcare providers of the potential dangers of the pumps. In 2007 I-Flow posted a bulletin on its website to notify physicians of the risk associated with inserting pump catheters directly into the joint.

(Source: The New York Times)

Do You Need Legal Help?

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