Start 2013 on a Healthy Note: Get Physical!

When people make their New Year’s resolutions they are usually riddled with healthy avowals such as working out or eating better. However, don’t neglect your doctor visits, either. 

Start off 2013 with a general physical to: 

  • screen for potential new diseases, especially those for which you are at risk;
  • monitor current medical conditions;
  • get a general update on your health and risk of medical problems;
  • stay up to date on vaccinations;
  • keep your doctor updated regarding your health;
  • get answers to any health-related questions or concerns;
  • get advice if starting a new exercise or diet routine and what will work best with your current state of health;
  • establish baselines for certain vital signs so that you can be aware of any changes and what they might mean; and
  • discuss how to handle upcoming life changes such as pregnancy, menopause or even retirement. 

Instead of visiting the doctor only when there is a problem, the annual physical may prove helpful in avoiding potentially harmful diseases or medical concerns, or may allow for more timely intervention. 

It helps to assess your current state of health so you can make any needed adjustments to your lifestyle. Many insurance companies may also offer this service for free or a fraction of your co-pay. So start your 2013 happy and healthy! 

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