Safety Concerns with Hospitalized Children Receiving Medication

Dealing with the hospitalization of a child is difficult enough without being concerned that he or she is receiving too much medication. But this could be the case, as discovered by a recent study and relayed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in an article. If your child was a victim, contact a New York medical malpractice lawyer for help. 

Previous research has shown that adults who receive multiple medications are at risk of experiencing serious drug reactions. This also may be a risk for small children who are administered multiple medicines. 

Upon the first day of being hospitalized, children receive a substantial amount according to the study. On average, patients less than one year old who stay in a children’s hospital receive 11 medications on the first day. Those who are older than a year received 13 medications. 

By the time a child has been in the children’s hospital for seven days, those younger than one have received 29 medications. And those older than one year old received 35. 

Polypharmacy and Adverse Drug Reactions 

Polypharmacy, which is taking multiple medications, is a growing problem. But it is most often seen in the elderly. In fact, 37 percent of those who are older than 60 take five or more medications, compared to 22 percent a decade ago, according to an article from CBS News. 

The problem is that some of the drugs could have dangerous interactions with one another. With children’s small size and potentially compromised immune systems for those who are ill, this could be a serious risk. 

Injuries caused by medications could be considered medical malpractice if negligence was the cause. For instance, if a nurse administers a drug incorrectly or a doctor orders medication that is known to interact harmfully with another the patient is taking, they could be found liable. 

Contacting a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in New York 

Adverse drug reactions and polypharmacy mistakes can lead to serious illness or injuries. To discuss whether you have a case, contact a medical malpractice lawyer today. The law firm of Gacovino, Lake & Associates may be able to help. To learn more about your legal rights in cases of medical malpractice, contact us at 1-800-246-4878.

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