Stay Happy and Stress Free with these Healthy-Mind New Years Resolutions

You might be focused on shaping up your physical health in 2013, but don’t forget about your mental health, too. 

Check out these mental-health pointers to reduce stress and improve your mental wellbeing: 

  • Join a support group if you are dealing with a problem with which others may be able to help.
  • Take a yoga or exercise class to help reduce tension and increase endorphins.
  • Take a moment each day to reflect on your accomplishments.
  • Take a breather every hour at work to get fresh air, a drink of water and to stretch.
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter or nursing home.
  • Set realistic New Year’s Resolutions that are attainable.
  • Stay connected with people and talk about your feelings.
  • Practice meditation.
  • Find a craft or hobby that you enjoy and stick with it. 

So go ahead and make those resolutions to improve your physical health and get in shape; just don’t forget about your mental health.

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