7 Healthy and Simple New Year’s Resolutions

It’s probably the one thing on everyone’s mind at the start of a New Year, how to get healthier and in better shape. 

Start simply with these easy things you can work into your everyday routine. 

  • Commit to watching your portion sizes at each meal – keep meats to the size of your fist and increase veggie portions to half your plate if you’ve been skimping.
  • Find ways to work activity into your day – take the stairs, park at the back of the parking lot, or ride your bike instead of driving.
  • Drink more water and cut at least one soda from your diet per week.
  • Quit smoking!
  • Wear sunscreen everyday, no matter the weather.
  • Cut back on alcohol to one drink per day for women, two per day for men.
  • Get at least eight hours of sleep every night. 

You don’t have to make drastic changes. Small changes may even prove easier to maintain beyond the first few weeks of the year.

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