Some of the Most Problematic New York Hospitals Don’t Have Adequate Malpractice Insurance

According to the New York Times, some of the most troubled New York hospitals don’t have adequate malpractice insurance. Although there are no central records that indicate which hospitals do and don’t have medical malpractice insurance, previous surveys do provide some information. 

For instance, hospitals in Brooklyn that are self-insured include Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center and Interfaith Medical Center. Several other hospitals indicated they were partially self-insured. 

While some hospitals have put aside funds to cover malpractice claims, others have depleted their funds. So, in order to take care of any future claims, the cost may need to come out of the patient’s medical care. 

One hospital even closed its OB/GYN center due to the concern of lawsuits and not having the means to cover damages. With high premiums and financial problems, many of the hospitals just can’t afford the insurance. 

This raises a lot of concerns about what will happen in the future if patients become victims of medical malpractice. It could lead some to believe they have no legal recourse, or they make them believe that they have to settle for much less than they would like. Remember, if a hospital committed some form of medical malpractice, you deserve just compensation. 

Contacting a New York Malpractice Attorney 

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