New York Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Parental Consent Requirements for Body Piercing and Potential Injuries

On July 31, 2012, the Huffington Post reported that New York Governor Cuomo has signed a new law that requires minors to obtain parental consent before getting any form of body piercing. This new law puts the responsibility on parents to make the informed choice about whether a child should be permitted to obtain a body piercing.

When a body piercing leads to serious injury or infection, many parents wonder if the individual or store that performed the piercing is liable. While it is possible that the person who performed the piercing may be held liable, some responsibility may also fall on the person who chose to have the piercing performed. However, if a piercing parlor or body piercer fails to get consent from the parent and a problem develops, this could strengthen the case for holding the piercing parlor liable for any injuries that occur.

Parents and piercing parlors should always use caution in permitting young people to obtain piercings due to the serious health risks involved. This new law will require that piercing parlors make sure that parents are aware of what their children are doing so that the parents can monitor for signs of infection or harm.

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