Protect Your Person and Purchases during Black Friday Shopping

Protecting Your Presents and Person on Black Friday

Black Friday is the most famous shopping day and with good reason. Since the 1960s this iconic date has been known for big sales and even bigger crowds. Safety during the opening of these sales is often overlooked and there have been news reports of frenzied stampedes resulting in trampled shoppers or store employees.

If you’re one of the millions of shoppers who seek big bargains on Black Friday, here are some tips to keep yourself safe while braving the mall: 

  • plan your shopping routes ahead of time;
  • go to stores where you are familiar with the facilities and layout;
  • wear clothing that’s secure and easy to move in;
  • stay in well-lit areas and plan for poor weather conditions;
  • don’t flash around expensive purchases or large amounts of cash;
  • buy only what you can easily carry to your car or have it delivered to your vehicle or home by a professional; and
  • don’t leave purchases visible in your car.

The two keys to Black Friday safety are to make sure you are physically safe and that you are not courting the attention of would-be robbers. If you are aware of your surroundings, plan out your purchases, and keep cool during your shopping trip you may help reduce the risk of personal injury or robbery!

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