Injuries on the Job Commonly Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Workplace Injuries Typically Covered by Workers’ Comp Insurance

If you’re injured on the job, document the accident immediately for your workers’ comp benefits to take care of your damages. Not all workplace injuries will automatically qualify you for injury benefits, which is where your Workers’ Compensation attorney may be able to assist you.

Workers’ Compensation insurance typically covers injuries suffered because of: 

  • job equipment malfunction;
  • co-worker negligence;
  • jobsite safety negligence; and
  • exposure to toxic chemicals or hazardous conditions.

For your workers’ comp benefits claim to be approved you must be able to prove that your workplace injuries occurred while you were performing duties related to your job and that your own negligence did not contribute to your accident.

A Workers’ Compensation attorney can assist you in proving your case for benefits if your employer refuses to file a claim or if your injury claim is denied.

Proving workplace injuries may be difficult if you were not working at a verified jobsite or if you were performing job-related duties while not on the clock.

You have the right to a safe work environment and compensation should you be harmed while performing your job duties. If your rights are violated, your first call should be to a lawyer for a Workers’ Compensation claim.

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