Ways You Could Unintentionally Damage Your Personal Injury Claim

When you’ve filed a personal injury claim you’ll need to be on your best behavior to make sure you’re not unintentionally harming your shot at a fair injury settlement. Even though your intentions may be good, there are plenty of actions to avoid when pursuing a claim. Doing so could help you obtain the full scope of compensation to which you are entitled.

Some of the most common mistakes an injured victim can make during the claim process include: 

  • failing to seek medical treatment and follow doctors’ orders;
  • discussing your case with anyone other than your attorney and the authorities;
  • not having enough evidence or allowing evidence to be discarded;
  • accepting the first injury settlement the insurance company offers;
  • posting details about your accident, injuries, and recovery on social media; and
  • failing to seek help from a personal injury attorney.

Make sure your injuries are documented and evaluated by a medical professional even if you feel like you’re going to be fine. Some injuries may take longer to manifest, so be sure you are checked out by a doctor after the accident whether or not you receive emergency medical attention or visit the doctor.

Evidence is the key to a solid personal injury claim so be sure to gather photographs, witness statements and make sure any damaged property is stored securely for use as evidence. When getting witness statements and information, it’s also important not to talk too much about who you think caused the accident or the severity of your injuries.

One of the most common mistakes people make is with social media. Sharing details of the accident and excitedly telling friends and family that their injuries weren’t too bad and they are on the mend, or wondering if they somehow contributed to the accident can ruin any chance at a successful personal injury claim.

Unfortunately, you never know who will be called upon by insurance companies to discuss your accident, and you do not want to inadvertently give the wrong impression. Many personal injury attorneys advise their clients to keep off of social networks during the case to avoid discussing sensitive details in public.

Perhaps the best way to make sure you aren’t unintentionally harming your personal injury claim is to work with a personal injury attorney from the start. When your attorney has all the facts on your case they can help you make the right decisions to lead to a fair injury settlement.

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