Picking the Right Footwear for Working in Construction

Construction Footwear Tips

Consider these five tips for buying work shoes for the construction industry:

  • Find the right fit – make sure your shoes fit comfortably so they’re not cramping your foot or so loose they fall off. This may seem obvious but even a small bit of constriction in a shoe can result in large corns later. Too loose boots will result in blisters from repeated rubbing.
  • Protect your toes – falling objects are a common hazard on construction sites, so choose reinforced or steel-toe boots.
  • Account for wet conditions – construction sites can often become slippery during rain storms or when mixing concrete. Opt for shoes that provide extra traction on wet surfaces that are water-resistant.
  • Beat the heat – if you work on hot surfaces, look for shoes with heat-resistant soles and high leg coverage to prevent burns.
  • Consider comfort – if you spend long days on your feet, look for shoes that provide extra cushioning or purchase insoles for maximum support.

Check with your employer about any company-provided safety gear for the job, as there may be certain requirements they must meet for employee safety. The Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) regulates the proper foot and leg protection requirements for construction workers.

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