Holiday Hospital Cheer: 5 Tips for Visiting Sick Family Members

Tips to Keep Hospitalized Loved Ones in High Spirits

The hospital is no place to spend the holidays, but in some cases it just can’t be avoided. Here are some tips for spreading cheer even in the hospital:

  • Make a visiting schedule – don’t leave it to just one person to make the visiting rounds. Rotate visitors so everyone gets a chance to socialize.
  • Bring treats – don’t leave all the holiday goodies at the house, homemade treats can brighten up anyone’s day and offer some reprieve from institutional food.
  • Deck the halls – bring some of the trimmings to the hospital room and add a festive touch to the bedside, window, and door.
  • Use technology – if you can’t be with your loved one in his or her hospital room, set up a video chat during family gatherings. A phone call is always appreciated, too.
  • Don’t overdo it – your loved one may need to rest more than usual when in the hospital and you don’t want to overwhelm him or her with visitors. Ask how often he or she wants people around and for how long.
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