5 Stretching Exercises to Keep You Limber While Working at a Desk

Check out these five simple stretching exercises you can do while sitting at your desk:

  • Shoulders – simply shrugging your shoulders can help relieve tension, do four rotations both front and back twice a day.
  • Hands –extend your arms and point all of your fingers out straight then interlace your fingers and pull away from you to avoid  hand cramps.
  • Upper body – give yourself a bear hug and twist at the waist a few times to stretch out those upper body muscles and stand up while you do this.
  • Legs – scoot your chair back and straighten your legs. Lift them off the floor a few times, in tandem and one at a time for six repetitions a couple times a day.
  • Everything – take a walk around the office to get your muscles moving and get your blood flowing. Standing up every 20 minutes is the ideal if your job requires you to sit for long hours.

Doctors warn that sedentary desk jobs can increase health risks like ergonomic issues (carpal tunnel syndrome), weight gain, and more.

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