Intoxicated Car Salesman Sued for $4.3 Million in Man’s Death

The family of a Pennsylvania man who was killed while test-driving a car with an intoxicated salesman has settled their lawsuit for $4.3 million.

The former salesman, Michael Hershey, is in prison for the December 2010 crash in Lancaster County, which killed 48-year-old Jon Jensen and injured his 20-year-old son.

The car dealership, Imports of Lancaster County, will pay $1.3 million. Landyshade Mulch Products, a mulch supplier who truck caused Hershey to swerve, will pay another $3 million.

Landyshade Mulch Products and the car dealership deny many of the suit’s allegations.

The judge who sentenced Hershey to up to 14 years in prison called the Landisville man “a disaster waiting to happen,” given his drinking problem and prior driving violations.

The victim, Jensen, of Leola, had been a health administrator at the York County Prison.

We are not sure how someone with prior driving violations and a known drinking problem would be given the job of test-driving vehicles with innocent potential buyers. Do you think a 14-year prison sentence is a fair punishment?

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