U.S. Drug Watchdog Seeking to Improve Litigation for Victims of Dangerous Drugs or Medical Devices

According to SFGate, U.S. Drug Watchdog is seeking to improve litigation for victims of dangerous drugs or medical devices. Multi-district litigation is a way to handle claims from numerous defendants; however, too many individuals aren’t identified and notified of these suits. 

Now U.S. Drug Watchdog wants to streamline the process of notifying consumers about defective drugs and devices, along with helping them join in litigation. The biggest way the group hopes to accomplish this is by creating a team of law firms in each state that will help get the word out. 

Currently, cable stations advertise defects and recalls through law firms that may be located in other states. Therefore, establishing teams of lawyers in each state could help with this initiative. 

One of the products that is a high priority on their list to deal with is the metal used in metal hip implants. While a huge number of lawsuits already have been filed, they believe that hundreds of thousands more victims haven’t joined in litigation. 

Creating a team of law firms will ensure that state-specific laws are addressed and more consumers are made aware of recalls. U.S. Drug Watchdog currently is seeking interested law firms to contact them.  

Contacting a New York Dangerous Drug Lawyer 

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