Ohio Podiatrist Named in Eight Medical Malpractice Suits

An Ohio podiatrist has recently become the focus more than eight separate medical malpractice lawsuits involving failed surgeries.

According to an article by The Columbus Dispatch, several patients of Dr. Leonard Janis, a podiatrist in Hilliard, are suing the doctor for medical malpractice. Four of the patients actually had to have one of their legs amputated because of the complications caused by Janis’s failed surgeries.

One patient, Darla Morris, a nursing assistant, broke her left ankle while at work in 2005. She went through four surgeries to treat the ankle, but every surgery failed. Eventually, her leg was amputated below the knee.

Beth Mullens, another patient of Janis, was diagnosed with heel spurs and underwent surgery in 2007. Mullens’s surgery also failed, as did the seven surgeries she underwent afterward. Her leg also had to be amputated below the knee.

Of the eight active lawsuits against Janis, five also name Grant Medical Center or its parent company, OhioHealth, where Janis had practiced for almost 26 years. In February, Janis resigned his privileges at both Grant Medical Center and Doctors Hospital, another OhioHealth facility.

However, Janis still operates his own practice, Total Foot and Ankle of Ohio, and is performing surgeries at Dublin Surgery Center and Marysville Surgery Center.

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