Tips for Choosing a Safe Highchair for Your Child

Parents have a much greater selection than years past when it comes to highchairs. Some are simple with nothing more than a tray that slides into position, and others come with great features, such as the ability to recline the seat or adjust the height so that your child can use it until two or three years of age. They are available in all different styles and colors. While this makes it more fun to pick one out, it’s also important to consider safety.

Falls from a highchair can cause serious injuries, such as fractures and head trauma. Although it’s sometimes caused by human error — such as not properly latching the child in — other times, it’s the design of the product. So make sure the following is kept in mind when picking one out for your child.

Making Sure the Highchair You Choose Is Safe

Look for the following when selecting a highchair for your child: 

  • strong straps and buckles that work correctly – many parenting websites suggest a five-point harness — the bare minimum is a three-point harness with a crotch strap;
  • stability (wider base) and feels sturdy when shaken;
  • doesn’t tip over easily;
  • post located between the legs to prevent the child from slipping underneath the tray;
  • a secure tray that a child can’t remove easily;
  • sharp edges (such as around the rim of the cushion or other parts of the highchair);
  • wheels that lock securely in place;
  • the manufacturer’s recommendations on age/weight limits;
  • folding highchairs should be able to be locked when folded; and
  • the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) seal of approval on product and/or packaging. 

Finally (but perhaps most important), check for recalls on the highchair. It’s not uncommon for this type of children’s product to be the subject of a recall, so make sure it wasn’t recently recalled before purchasing.

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