Three Signs You’re Developing Occupational Hearing Loss

You can’t always escape loud, noisy work environments, but your employer should know the risks a noisy workplace can impose upon workers and provide you with the proper safety measures.

When your employer is negligent about addressing volume levels in the workplace and you suffer hearing damage or loss, you may have a case where you can file a Workers’ Compensation claim. Occupational hearing loss often occurs in factories and construction sites where loud equipment is used.

Some of the signs of occupational hearing loss include:

  • ringing or humming in the ears that persists even after leaving the workplace;
  • constantly needing to shout between co-workers to communicate over the noise; and
  • temporary hearing loss after leaving work for the day.

If at any time you experience partial or total hearing loss, even briefly, you should have it documented with your employer. If you suffer from permanent occupational hearing loss, whether partial or complete, you may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation or disability benefits.

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