Reports of Injuries Lead to Recall on Baby Einstein Activity Jumpers

In many instances, recalls on defective children’s products happen before someone is injured. But unfortunately this isn’t always the case, as has been seen through the recent recall of Baby Einstein Activity Jumpers affecting about 400,000 units.

The Baby Einstein Activity Jumpers were sold between May 2010 and May 2013 at various retail outlets including: 

  • Target;
  • Toys-R-Us; and

The manufacturer, Kids II Inc., voluntarily recalled the jumpers after receiving more than 100 reports of injury. This included reports involving 61 injuries. Minor injuries included lacerations and bruises. But one infant suffered a lineal skull fracture and in another case the defective part chipped an adult’s tooth.

The culprit? A yellow sun toy attached to the frame of the seat. This flexible part of the jumper can rebound with excessive force, causing injury. Consumers are advised to immediately stop using the product and to contact the manufacturer for a replacement part.

Filing a Product Liability Claim 

Whenever a product causes serious or fatal injuries, victims may be entitled to recover compensation. Product liability claims generally stem from products defectively designed or manufactured. In some cases it could be a problem in both areas.

A defective design is one in which the product was manufactured correctly but according to specifications that were flawed. This may be the situation with the aforementioned recall, with the part on the jumper rebounding with more force than it should. In other cases the product was properly designed safely but something went wrong in manufacturing.

To learn if a claim can be filed following an injury caused by a defective product, contact an attorney at Gacovino, Lake & Associates. We can explain the consumer’s and victim’s rights and legal options in these cases, so call us now: 800-246-4878.

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