Improperly Secured Rollercoaster Ride May Be to Blame for Woman’s Death

An amusement park may be liable if the actions of one of its employees were negligent. This could possibly be the case in the recent tragedy at Six Flags in Arlington, Texas, where a woman fell to her death from the world’s tallest steel-hybrid rollercoaster in the world.

A witness, who had been standing in line at the time the victim was getting onto the ride, overheard her express concerns about the safety bar being secured correctly. Although other ride-goers heard several clicks when their safety bars were put down, there was just one click with the victim’s.

The witness indicated the woman didn’t feel safe and wanted the ride operator to make sure it was properly secured, but an employee reportedly responded that as long as a click was heard, it was okay.

The manufacturer of the rollercoaster, Gerstlauer Amusement Rides of Munsterhausen, Germany, was investigating the accident to determine the exact cause of the woman’s death.

Types of Negligence That May Lead to a Claim Against an Amusement Park

First, it is common to hear that amusement park rides are some of the most safe entertainment options available, with only scraped knees or twisted ankles being the most common injuries sustained on them, according to the National Safety Council. However, as the most recent death illuminates, the margin for error is there, and it is happening.

There are numerous employees who work for amusement parks, any of which could potentially be negligent and cause someone to suffer serious or fatal injuries. One example is the employee responsible for inspecting and maintaining rides.

If the employee fails to adequately inspect the ride or fix a ride component that is broken, ride-goers injured because of the negligence could file a claim. Other examples are improper operation of a ride or providing a rider with inadequate instructions.

Contact an attorney at Gacovino, Lake & Associates to learn about one’s right to file a claim if injured at an amusement park. Compensation may be available.

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