NY Electronic Prescription Bill Targets Overprescribing and Medication Errors

July 6, 2012 – New York – Last month a bill was passed that will require every part of the prescription process to be electronically recorded in real time. Before doctors prescribe a medication, they will first have to check the database for that patient’s history. The new prescription will then be electronically delivered to the pharmacy, where the pharmacists will update the prescription’s progress and check the patient’s record in the registry as necessary.

The electronic entries are intended to curb over-prescription of highly addictive drugs such as painkillers and opioid analgesics. Not only will this requirement help to reduce overprescribing of drugs, it will also aid in stopping dangerous trends before they get too far. Health officials will be able to monitor the registry and hold both doctors and patients accountable for their actions.

Loved-ones of overdose victims and addicts are in full support of the bill. However, some doctors have reacted negatively toward it, calling the whole thing time-consuming and burdensome.

Hospitals are being given three years to complete the conversion over to this new system. Hopefully, by the end of that time there will be a substantial decrease in prescription medication errors. If you are one of the many people who have suffered illness due to a prescription error, you should not have to suffer alone.

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