Increased Risk of Heart Problems Now a Concern for Chantix Users

The smoking cessation drug Chantix has carried a black box label from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since July 2009. This level of safety warning is the highest assigned by the FDA for dangerous drugs. The listing of adverse side effects on the black box label is related to psychological conditions, but now they may need to include increased risk of heart attack as well.

The New York dangerous drug attorney team at Gacovino Lake & Associates has been following the developments of Chantix side effects to benefit their clients who are seeking to file claims against Pfizer, the company that manufactures the drug.

The History of Chantix as a Dangerous Drug 

Chantix was approved for use by the FDA in May 2006 to help users quit smoking. The drug worked by blocking the nicotine receptors in the brain, causing cigarettes and tobacco products to have less of an effect. This would typically cut down on cravings and help the user quit smoking over a shorter period of time.

Unfortunately, Pfizer failed to account for the numerous psychological side effects that accompanied the use of Chantix. Patients began to file dangerous drug complaints for abnormal behaviors and increased thoughts of suicide. Several cases have been documented over the years of extreme damages from Chantix-related events. In one case, a man shot his wife and later took his own life after using Chantix, and another case involved a mother committing suicide over an argument about a sandwich in front of her two children after just four days of Chantix use.

In response to these and similar claims of fatal accidents related to Chantix use, the FDA assigned the black box label to warn about dangerous behaviors that users may experience while on the drug. While this has lead to several lawsuits regarding Chantix-related injuries and deaths, there is now a new health risk to be concerned about if you have used Chantix.

Studies Now Confirm Chantix Use Can Raise Risk of Heart Attack

When the first complaints regarding Chantix came out, they were mainly for behavioral abnormalities. Users reported strange dreams, compulsive behaviors and suicidal thoughts or attempts. When the black box warning was assigned to this dangerous drug, most users only took legal action when they experienced psychological disorders.

Researchers have continued to evaluate the dangers of Chantix, and they have now found evidence that Chantix users may be more prone to heart attacks. Doctors at Johns Hopkins University Hospital School of Medicine have found that using Chantix can increase a patient’s risk for several conditions.

Chantix increases a person’s risk for:

  • heart attacks;
  • congestive heart failure;
  • irregular heartbeats; and
  • other heart conditions.

Dr. Sonal Singh, assistant professor of general internal medicine, said when quitting smoking, “you want to decrease your risk of heart attack, instead of increasing a heart attack by 72%.” His study was funded by the NationalCenter for Research Resources.

What Chantix Users Should Know About Dangerous Drug Lawsuits

According to the FDA’s Adverse Effect reporting system, Chantix is one of the most dangerous drugs associated with severe side effects and adverse events. There are hundreds of private and class action lawsuits currently being brought against Pfizer for failure to warn consumers about the problems associated with their product.

The risks associated with Chantix use are so severe that several occupations are now banned from using the drug. The Federal Aviation Administration does not allow pilots and air-traffic controllers to use Chantix due to the high risk of loss of consciousness and blackouts. Truck and bus drivers are also banned from using Chantix due to the risk of behavioral issues.

If you were fortunate enough to avoid the psychological side effects of Chantix, you may want to evaluate your heart health as well. Patients who suffered a heart attack, developed an irregular heartbeat or experienced any other type of serious heart condition should consult a New York dangerous drug attorney to determine if they may be eligible to file a dangerous drug claim.

Filing a Claim for a Dangerous Drug Injury is Easier with the Help of a New York Dangerous Drug Attorney

Chantix is one of the many dangerous drugs on the market that can cause serious side effects and injuries. Patients who have ever taken a drug that is known to cause severe adverse reactions should consider filing a dangerous drug lawsuit with the help of a New York dangerous drug attorney.

When you have experienced unnecessary harm from a dangerous drug, defective product or medical malpractice, you deserve justice. The attorneys at Gacovino Lake & Associates are here to help victims in New York and across the nation with these types of personal injury claims. For more information on how our attorneys can help you, contact us for a FREE consultation – 1-800-246-HURT (4878).

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