New York Traffic Study Proposed to Examine Accident-Prone Roads

Currently making their way through the legislature are companion bills A.10125-A and S7399A, which would create a traffic study to look for ways to improve the safety of New York roadways and reduce crashes in accident-prone areas. The study would examine segments of the state’s roadways that have a high number of fatal crashes due to difficult and dangerous terrain such as steep slopes, embankments, cliffs, drop-offs and deep bodies of water, as reported in an Assembly press release.

The legislation was proposed in response to the deadly crash that occurred near the Bronx Zoo in late April, which tragically claimed the lives of seven family members when their SUV spun out of control and fell from an overpass on Bronx River Parkway. The accident called into question the safety of the Parkway and other accident-prone roads in New York.

As proposed, the study would evaluate roadways and structures for potentially hazardous conditions that can cause drivers to:

  • lose control of their vehicles and careen across traffic lanes;
  • run into fixed structures, such as traffic signals, street lights; medians, bridge rails, and power poles;
  • collide with other vehicles, particularly smaller automobiles, motorcycles, mopeds, and pedestrians; and
  • leave the highway af
    ter jumping a curb, fence, or other road barrier.

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