David Diehl Charged with DWI in Queens Car Accident

June 15, 2012 – Queens, New York – According to The Wall Street Journal, on Sunday, June 10, at around 8 p.m., David Diehl, offensive lineman of the New York Giants, crashed into a few parked cars while driving intoxicated.

Diehl left a bar after watching a professional soccer game. He got behind the wheel of his BMW and then drove into parked cars on 35th Avenue. Diehl did not run from the scene of the accident, but waited for the police to arrive. He failed a breathalyzer at the 114th Precinct station. He received a DWI charge with two counts of impaired driving. He has been released with a suspended license, but must return to court on Thursday, July 26.

While no one was hurt, getting behind the wheel after drinking could have ended with serious injuries or possibly death for him and others on the road. This is considered negligence and may warrant a claim to victims involved in similar cases.

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