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There are many potential complications that can arise during labor and the birthing process. While this is an exciting time for the expectant parents, there are sometimes unexpected problems that occur in the delivery room. The medical team must be prepared to handle multiple potential complications that can affect the health of the baby or the mother. Constant monitoring and attentive treatment are the keys to a safe experience for everyone involved.

When a complication arises during labor, it can be a frightening time for the mother and other family members. In some instances, the medical team makes incorrect decisions or negligent monitoring practices cause the team to miss a critical warning sign. In these cases, any injuries that occurred as a result may be grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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Possible Labor Complications

Even the most uneventful pregnancies can result in labor complications. The medical team should be alert to unusual symptoms or changes in vital signs of either the baby or the mother during labor and delivery. The mother also should be quick to inform the doctor or nurses of any concerns she has. Some commonly seen complications in labor include the following. 

  • Abnormal presentation: For optimal ease of delivery, the baby should be presenting with head down, facing the mother’s back. This position allows for the small of the baby’s head to lead the way through the birth canal without much likelihood of distress. However, not all babies find this position before labor begins. When a baby is breech (feet down), transverse (lying horizontally across the uterus) or facing the mother’s front, complications in delivery can occur. Failure to respond properly may be indicative of medical negligence.
  • Failure to progress: When the mother is in labor for too long without being able to deliver the baby, multiple risks are possible. Contraction-inducing drugs such as oxytocin may be administered, and in some instances, the physician will use birth-assistance methods such as forceps delivery or vacuum extraction to help the baby through the birth canal. Delivery by Cesarean section is also sometimes the best and safest option for the doctor. A medical team should act promptly to reduce any further risk.
  • Umbilical cord complications: The umbilical cord delivers oxygen and vital nutrients from the mother to the fetus. When it is compromised during labor, the baby is at risk for injury, brain damage and even death. There are two common types of complications involving the umbilical cord: prolapse and compression. Umbilical cord prolapse occurs when the cord precedes the baby through the birth canal. Umbilical cord compression refers to the event in which the cord is stretched and compressed during labor. Both require medical intervention.

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Of course, not all complications during labor are the result of negligent care. If you’re filing a claim for medical negligence, you must establish that the medical professional named in the claim did not follow a standard of care. That is, the medical professional did not provide a reasonable level of care in the same manner that other professionals would have in the same situation.

A medical expert may testify regarding the standard of care and whether the doctor met it. For example, if a doctor delayed performing a C-section, the expert may testify that the doctor should have acted urgently to perform a C-section.

Your attorney can help gather evidence of damages and present your claim throughout the legal process.

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