Forceps or Vacuum Extraction Injuries Lawyers in New York

The birthing process is a beautiful and natural experience for many mothers and babies. However, there are times when the mother or baby experiences distress or complications in the delivery room. Some situations require the physician and medical team to assist in moving the baby through the birth canal. They may use forceps or vacuum extraction to grab the baby’s head and pull gently, assisting in the birth process.

While both of these procedures are used commonly and safely in many instances, there are associated risks. Any time a doctor is required to use forceps or vacuum extraction, he should use every precaution possible, even in emergency situations, to avoid injury to the baby. There have been cases in which deliveries involving forceps or vacuum extraction have caused long-term or permanent injuries to the baby, and in some cases, the doctor has been negligent in his or her actions.

Such cases often result in medical malpractice lawsuits. Review your case with forceps or vacuum extraction injuries lawyers in New York from Gacovino, Lake & Associates by calling 800-550-0000.

Injuries Resulting from the Use of Forceps

Forceps resemble metal tongs, specially designed and curved to fit around the baby’s head, allowing the doctor to pull the baby through the birth canal. When forceps are used with too much pressure, the result may be bruising, indentations or scrapes on the baby’s skin — a condition that often disappears within a few days or weeks of birth and results in no long-term concerns.

In more severe cases, misuse of forceps might result in skull fractures, bleeding within the skull and other troubling conditions. Some of these injuries might affect the brain, which could lead to long-term damages. Go over the medical implications of the injury with a doctor, and review legal options in these cases with New York birth injury lawyers from our firm.

Injuries Related to Vacuum Extractions

Vacuum extraction makes use of a soft or rigid cup that attaches to the baby’s head to assist in extracting the child from the birth canal. Monitoring is a key element to safe vacuum extraction. When the amount of pressure or suction is too aggressive, injuries may occur. Minor injuries like bruising may resolve quickly, though some children may suffer more serious injuries.

Bleeding within the skull may result from vacuum extraction in some cases and might lead to further complications; in some cases, it might increase risk of jaundice in cases of cephalohematoma or subgaleal hematoma. Brachial plexus injuries (which affects the shoulder, arm and hand) and collarbone fracture also might result from vacuum extraction mishaps.

Again, seek medical help in the event of a birth injury and review your case with forceps or vacuum extraction injuries lawyers in New York from Gacovino, Lake & Associates.

Gacovino, Lake & Associates Can Help with Birth Injuries Cases

If your baby was injured from the use of forceps or vacuum extractions and you believe it’s because the doctor acted negligently, you may file a medical malpractice claim. You must prove that the doctor was negligent – some injuries may occur despite a doctor providing a reasonable standard of care. A medical expert may testify that the doctor violated an acceptable standard of care, and other evidence like medical records also may help prove your case.

If successful, a birth injury claim may recover damages for your child’s medical expenses and other damages you or your child have experienced. Review the damages you may recover by setting up a legal consultation with a lawyer.

Gacovino, Lake & Associates can help you with your case. Call us today at 800-550-0000 for a free case review by one of our qualified attorneys.

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