Laser Hair Removal: Injurious Procedure that Leads to Lawsuits

Laser hair removal is a popular (and supposedly) noninvasive means of removing unwanted hair. But not everyone is aware of the potential risk for side effects from laser surgery like painful burns. Although it can happen under the best circumstances, the chances increase when the person performing the procedure isn’t competent.

Qualified dermatologic surgeons usually can perform laser hair removal without problems. But it’s important to know that not everyone who calls him or herself a hair removal expert is a licensed doctor. Nor is the person always properly trained.

Another issue is that when it’s not done correctly, burn injuries can lead to scars — some significant, covering a wide area of the body. But it’s not just hair removal that has become an issue. Lawsuits surrounding laser surgeries have been increasing over the past few years.

According to the study, “Increased Risk of Litigation Associated With Laser Surgery by Nonphysician Operators” by JAMA Dermatology, the number of injury cases from laser surgeries performed by non-physicians has increased from 36.3 percent in 2008 to 77.8 percent in 2012. Of those, laser hair removal was the most common.

More and more “medical spas” offer these types of treatments. While it sounds nice, they don’t always have licensed medical professionals at the facilities. This increases the risk of something going wrong. Even those procedures conducted at a facility where licensed physicians practice don’t always have a physician performing the actual procedure – or even on site. In fact, there is a body of evidence pointing to the increasing rates of injury at health spas from medical malpractice.

As indicated, it’s not just laser hair removal that can cause injuries. Another popular type of procedure that could pose risks is reducing wrinkles. However, the chance of harm (no matter what type of laser surgery) could be reduced by ensuring it’s done at a reputable facility with a board-certified dermatologist. Otherwise, you may be considered as not having done due diligence in choosing a doctor. When you allow an esthetician or not-yet-licensed practitioner perform laser hair removal or injections on your body, securing compensation for injuries may be easier with the services of a med mal lawyer on your side. Call Gacovino, Lake & Associates so we can delve into the specifics of your claim: (800) 550-0000.

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