Injuries at Health Spas from Medical Malpractice

If health spa medical malpractice stems from errors regarding administration of procedures like Botox or Smart-Lipo, it could result in significant consequences for the practitioner. If a medical professional’s negligence is to blame, it may lead to the filing of a medical claim with the assistance of a personal injury attorney in New York.

Types of Injuries from Health Spa Medical Malpractice

Failing to use gentle techniques in massage can be a cause for injuries in some cases. Digging or rubbing too deeply, vigorously or intensely can cause anything from bruising and muscle strain to tears in the tendons and muscles.

Customers may be hesitant to complain that a massage hurts. But it’s important to speak up if something doesn’t feel right. If complaints go unheeded and it results in bodily harm, the masseuse could be liable in a medical claim.

Burns are another type of injury that can be suffered through health spa medical malpractice. They can happen from using a tanning bed or receiving laser treatment (such as to treat wrinkles or remove hair). If the burns are severe, they could result in permanent scarring. A personal injury attorney in New York can help patients evaluate whether a practitioner’s negligence may have caused the injury.

Botox treatments are another potential source of injuries, possible side effects include: 

  • nerve damage;
  • double vision;
  • drooping eyelids;
  • chronic pain; and
  • breathing/swallowing difficulties (caused by weakened muscles when injected in the face).

If a health spa professional does not inject it correctly and it leads to injury and damages, patients may pursue medical claims.

With this type of procedure, it’s important that the doctor receives a complete medical history on the patient. A failure to obtain this or to take into consideration before performing the procedure, may be considered negligence. So could allowing an unqualified or untrained nurse or esthetician to perform the procedure.

Smart-Lipo is another type of procedure that may be done at a health spa. A laser is used to melt away fat cells. Even done correctly there can be serious side effects.

If Smart-Lipo is performed incorrectly then the risk may be significantly elevated: 

  • pain;
  • burns;
  • infection;
  • loss of fluid; and
  • injury to internal organs.

Some patients may experience disfigurement to such a degree that it requires reconstructive surgery to correct.

Other types of injuries that can occur in a health spa are infections from manicures or pedicures, along with skin rashes from massage oils. These could be caused by unsterile equipment or poor practice. In these cases, patients can talk to a personal injury attorney in New York to evaluate whether grounds exist for a medical claim.

Liability for Injuries Sustained from Health Spa Medical Malpractice

If a patient has been injured after using services at a health spa or undergoing a procedure, responsibility will need to be determined. For instance, if the medical professional injected too much Botox and it led to serious side effects, the professional may be considered liable for any resulting injuries.

Others who could potentially be liable for health spa medical malpractice (depending on the circumstances) include: 

  • nurses;
  • masseuses;
  • doctors;
  • estheticians; and
  • plastic surgeons.

Even if a member of the staff was responsible for causing harm, a physician might also be included in a claim for failing to supervise. So there could be more than one party liable.

Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney in New York About Filing a Medical Claim

When something goes wrong at a health spa, it could lead to not only physical harm but emotional damages as well. To discuss whether it is a case of malpractice, patients may seek consultation with a personal injury attorney in New York. Gacovino, Lake & Associates can handle medical claims involving all types of medical professionals and procedures, including those pertaining to health spa medical malpractice.

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