Holiday House Parties: Take Control of These 6 Hazards

It’s the time of year when holiday parties are in full force – the office cocktail party, the kids’ Christmas gathering and heading to the cousins’ for dinner. While most of these events will be filled with fun, they could come with a side of pain and suffering if somebody is injured because of a common premises liability issue. 

Whether hosting or attending a party, take these precautions: 

  • Bodies of Water Do not allow children near bodies of water (pools, fountains, ponds) without supervision.
  • Alcohol Do not allow anyone younger than 21 to consume alcohol and be cautious of how many drinks partygoers have before they leave.
  • Tripping hazards Fix and be aware of broken tiles, loose floorboards or other tripping hazards. Also mark stairs and any uneven indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • Fireplaces Use caution if you will be lighting a fire, and keep small children out of reach of the fire.
  • Cooked meat Make sure meats and other foods are cooked to the proper temperature, and throw them out if they have been left out too long.
  • Dogs Keep the family dog at a friend’s house or in a spare bedroom if you will be having visitors. 

These aren’t the only precautions you should take if you’re entertaining or if you’re visiting for the holidays. Before the party, carefully think of any potential hazards. Stay alert and take note of your surroundings for a happy and healthy holiday gathering that everyone can enjoy. 

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