Herbal Supplements Could Contain Harmful Ingredients

Dangerous drugs aren’t just a concern when it comes to prescription medication. It can be an issue with herbal supplements as well. That may be the case in a recent warning issued by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) concerning certain types of male enhancement medications sold online.

The specific supplements being targeted are “Rock-It Man,” “Stiff Days” and “Libido Sexual Enhancer.” An active ingredient, sildenafil (also found in Viagra), could have dangerous interactions with some prescription drugs that contain nitrates. Medications that have nitrates are oftentimes used to treat heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

These male enhancing supplements could cause hypotension, a significant drop in blood pressure. Complications could include weakness, dizziness and fainting. It may even lead to oxygen deprivation.

The FDA indicates that there is a growing concern over the number of supplements sold online that contain ingredients which may cause harm. Since supplements usually aren’t tested by the FDA, consumers could be at risk of adverse reactions or harmful side effects.

3 Types of Liability in a Dangerous Drug Claim

There are various types of liability that may come into play with a dangerous drug claim. One is that a medication was not marketed properly. This can stem from inadequate warnings of side effects or not providing accurate instructions on how to take the medication.

Another type of liability stems from manufacturing a drug unsafely. Errors can occur from incorrect labeling of medication or when a drug becomes tainted.

Further, another type of liability is that the drug was manufactured correctly, but the side effects are severe or fatal. In some cases, it is a matter of a manufacturer hiding this information.

Dangerous drug claims can be very complicated. Talking with a lawyer at Gacovino, Lake & Associates can help an injured person learn if he or she has the right to seek compensation through a claim.

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