Heed These Five Driving Safety Tips This Summer

Summer driving can present unique challenges. With more and more people taking to the road on bikes, scooters, and motorcycles, and with children outside playing, the risk of serious injury may be increased. 

The following are five summer driving safety tips for motorists: 

  • Watch Out – watch for individuals on the side of the road or in the road area who may be walking, skating, or biking. Also remember that motorcycles may be difficult to see, especially if behind another vehicle.
  • Be Aware –traffic delays may increase the chance of encountering a tired, stressed out, or aggressive driver. Summer heat may also play a role;
  • Expect Detours and Delays – summer usually means more construction, so anticipate being forced to take new routes or delayed (and slow down when in a construction zone);
  • Buckle Up – wearing a seatbelt at all times is important;and
  • Wear a Helmet – if you are taking to the road on a bicycle or motorcycle, you may protect your head from serious injuries by wearing a helmet. 

No matter what mode of transportation you take this summer, it’s important to be observant and follow traffic laws. By taking some extra precautions, you can protect not only yourself but others who share the road. 

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