New York Personal Injury Lawyer Comments on Landlord Liability for Faulty Wiring

According to The New York Daily News, tenants of the Sunset Park apartment buildings in New York have recently launched an art exhibit showing the poor conditions of the apartments where they are living. Among their complaints are a rickety fire escape, and cracked windows and floors. 

This exhibit follows a previous action last year in which the tenants went on a rent strike, refusing to pay rent in order to force their landlord to fix faulty wiring and fuse boxes. 

When faulty wiring causes a fire in an apartment building, tenants living in the building can suffer serious injury, especially when the fire escape in the building is also in disrepair. Burn injuries can be expensive to treat and, in many cases, cannot be fully treated and can lead to permanent disfigurement. 

If you are involved in a fire caused by faulty wiring and you suffer a burn injury or damage because of smoke inhalation, you may have legal rights against the property owner. A New York personal injury lawyer can advise you as to your rights in a burn injury case and can help you to recover damages if you are entitled to compensation under the law.   

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