Disfigurement after a Surgery Gone Wrong

Among the traumatic consequences of a surgery gone wrong is disfigurement. When it was caused by medical negligence, such as improper suturing, it could lead to compensation for damages via an injury claim in New York with a personal injury attorney in Long Island.

Types of Surgical Procedures That May Lead to Disfigurement

One way a patient could become disfigured in a surgery gone wrong is when an incision is improperly sutured. This could apply to any type of surgery if the wrong technique is used.

An incision improperly sutured could happen on top of another type of disfigurement operation – the very type designed to enhance one’s appearance – cosmetic surgery. Sometimes this is performed for aesthetic reasons and other times to correct a birth defect or repair wounds from an accident. Surgery performed on the exterior of the body always comes with inherent aesthetic side effects, including lasting disfiguring injuries no matter how well-recommended the surgeon.

Although a surgery could go wrong even when using the best surgeon, there is a higher chance of disfigurement when performed by someone who isn’t properly licensed or trained. Suturing requires skill and knowledge of the different types that could be performed. A surgeon must also know the correct size of the suture and the appropriate type of needle to use.

Despite a surgeon’s experience or licensing status, the fact remains that proper suturing fosters healing and may reduce the risk of scarring. When done incorrectly, it could result in disfigurement.

Going back to cosmetic surgery as an example again, another procedure where a patient could become disfigured if the surgery goes wrong is breast augmentation. For instance, an implant may not sit correctly in the body cavity because fall out because of improper performance, leaving the patient lopsided.

Wrong site surgery is another example. Operating on the wrong part of the body or the wrong patient altogether could cause scarring or amputation that wouldn’t have otherwise occurred. If the patient was to have the wrong limb amputated – no matter how unlikely sounding, this has happened – then this would be a form of disfigurement that a New York personal injury attorney in Long Island could help address.

Compensation Stemming from Disfigurement after Surgery

There are financial and physical consequences suffered when someone has been disfigured by a surgery gone wrong. The cost for the surgery and any follow-up care or treatment that is required may be addressed in a medical malpractice claim. If the patient is unable to work during the time of healing and recovery, it could include lost earnings.

What can sometimes be even more damaging is the emotional effects of a surgery gone wrong. When someone has been permanently disfigured, it can affect his/her ability to enjoy life and socialize. If the person’s line of work involves interaction with the public, it could present significant challenges.

Compensation could be available for: 

  • pain and suffering;
  • mental anguish;
  • reduced quality of life; and
  • other psychological harm suffered.

If the injured person requires psychological treatment, such as for depression, a New York personal injury attorney in Long Island can help ensure those damages are also addressed in a medical malpractice claim.

Seeking Legal Advice from a New York Personal Injury Attorney in Long Island

With such a considerable impact on a person’s life, it is beneficial to talk with a New York personal injury attorney in Long Island. There are the medical bills and lost earnings to consider, but also the long-lasting effects of a disfigurement.

Not only can an attorney help determine the validity of a claim, but with legal representation an injured victim will have someone to assist with the collection of evidence. This is critical in building a strong case. Gacovino, Lake & Associates can assist with a medical malpractice claim stemming from a surgery gone wrong and resultant disfigurement.

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