Construction Worker Seriously Injured after Falling at Three World Trade Center

The Commercial Observer reported that a construction worker was seriously injured when he fell 15 feet at Three World Trade Center on Aug. 29. The 36-year-old man, who was installing a steel beam, slipped and fell. He suffered head injuries and both of his arms were believed to be broken. 

The Huffington Post points out that another construction worker suffered injuries in June when he fell five feet from Four World Trade Center. Although not a great distance, he was impaled on a piece of metal. 

Falls are one of the more common construction accidents. They can happen on ladders, elevators, roofs, beams, scaffolding and other elevated areas. Crane accidents can lead a worker to sustain injuries. 

Among the more serious injuries construction accidents can cause are brain damage, skull fractures, broken bones and spinal cord injuries. Recovery can be long and grueling, resulting in significant medical costs and missed time from work. Tragically, construction accidents can end in death in some cases. 

Contacting a New York Work Injury Lawyer 

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