Carnival Ride Accident Kills Worker in New York

Fox News reported that a carnival worker in New York was killed on September 2 when he stooped down to make adjustments to the music on a ride at the Feast of Mother Cabrini festival in Brentwood. 

Pete Zorlenzan, who owns the ride, said that safety procedures require the operator to wait until after the ride has stopped before going underneath it. The Scat ride, which has spinning baskets, struck the worker after he stood up. Michael Austin, 22, was taken to the hospital, but he died a short time later. 

Although there are all types of injuries that can happen at work, some may be more common than others depending on the worker’s industry. For instance, those who work with machinery may suffer injuries if a part of the body is crushed or pinched. 

Falls from elevations or slip and falls on a flat surface are not uncommon in certain industries as well. These can cause head, neck and back injuries. In fact, injuries to the neck, back and arms are common with certain work-related tasks such as repetitive motion, lifting, carrying, gripping, kneeling or squatting. Getting struck by an object, in this case the carnival ride, may cause injuries or, unfortunately, death. 

You may be eligible to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits if you were injured on the job. If a loved one was killed while working, compensation may be available. To learn if you have the right to file a claim to collect benefits, contact a New York work injury attorney at Gacovino, Lake & Associates at 1-800-246-HURT (4878). 

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