Choosing Safe Toys for Your Kids

Toys should be a source of joy and fun for children, but some toys unfortunately may present safety hazards for little ones. 

If you are shopping for toys, keep these guidelines in mind before hitting the check out: 

  • if made with fabric, be sure it is labeled as flame-retardant or flame-resistant;
  • toys that are painted should be marked as lead- and BPA-free;
  • make sure any liquid or other substances or toys like markers are non-toxic and water soluble;
  • inspect the toy to make sure it is in good condition;
  • check age requirements and avoid choking hazards such as marbles, coins, and even long cords/strings that can wrap around the child’s neck; and
  • be careful with older or vintage toys, as they may not meet current safety standards. 

If you’re unsure about a particular toy, it’s probably best to just pass on it and choose something else with which you’re more comfortable.

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