California Jury Awards $71 Million in Asbestos Verdict

Following a six-week trial in Alameda County, California, the jury returned a verdict for $70,861,113 in favor of a former U.S. Navy machinist mate and nuclear inspector against defendant John Crane, Inc. in an asbestos lawsuit after one day of deliberations.

The jury concluded that John Crane, Inc. was negligent, that its asbestos-containing products were defective in design and that it failed to warn the claimant of hazards associated with asbestos exposure.

John Crane, packing and gasket manufacturer, was found three percent liable in causing the plaintiff’s mesothelioma.

The jury awarded $40 million in non-economic damages for Robert Whalen, $30 million in loss of consortium damages for Linda Whalen and $86,113 in economic damages.

Evidence was presented showing that the defendant knew as late as 1970, and should have known decades sooner, that the asbestos used in the packing and gaskets was hazardous.

The plaintiffs further argued that John Crane never tested its products for safety or researched the potential hazards of the products and failed to sufficiently warn users of the dangers of working with asbestos.

Whalen served in the U.S. Navy as a machinist mate and nuclear inspector aboard nuclear submarines from 1964 to 1990. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma in December 2013.

Whalen worked with asbestos-containing John Crane packing and gaskets while aboard the Navy vessels as part of his work duties during his time in the service.

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