2008 Delta Crib Recall Re-announced After Second Infant Death Reported

April 1, 2011 – In 2008, more than 985,000 Delta Enterprise drop-side cribs were recalled because of a defective design that caused the death of an 8-month old girl.  In January 2011, the Consumer Product Safety Commission was alerted to a second fatality that involved a 7-month old girl in Colorado Springs, CO who was asleep in the same model Delta crib that had been recalled 3 years prior. This has prompted the CPSC to re-release the recall notice about the defective cribs to alert consumers of second-hand cribs.  The recalls are the result of a defective “crib trigger lock and safety peg” assembly that has led to the infants becoming trapped between the detached drop-side crib wall and the mattress. The original recall included reports of 2 entrapments and 9 incidents of side-wall detachments. These incidents were linked to the absence of the safety pegs in the lower track, which allowed the crib locks to disengage and detach.  The models affected include those manufactured from 1995 through 2007.

The 49 Delta crib models included in the recall are:

  • 4320, 4340;
  • 4500, 4520, 4530, 4532, 4540, 4542, 4550, 4551, 4580;
  • 4600, 4620, 4624 – production dates 01/06 thru 11/07, 4640, 4660, 4720, 4735, 4742, 4750 – production dates 01/95 thru 12/00;
  • 4760, 4770, 4780, 4790;
  • 4820, 4840, 4850, 4860, 4880, 4890, 4892; and
  • 4900, 4910, 4920, 4925-2, 4925-6, 4930, 4940, 4943, 4944, 4947, 4948, 4949, 4950, 4958, 4963, 4968, 4969, 4980.

These cribs are Delta brand and the model number is located on the top of the mattress support board. They were sold between January 1995 and December 2005 (model 4624 was sold through September 2007) at major retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Kmart.  The current concern is that even though the models were recalled in 2008 and are no longer sold by retailers, many of these cribs are still bought and sold secondhand at thrift/consignment stores, garage/yard sales and on websites like CraigsList and eBay. Secondhand cribs often pose consumer risks if they are not sold with all the necessary parts or come improperly assembled.  It is always best to purchase infant furniture new to best assure that your product includes all necessary safety parts. You can also monitor that it is properly assembled before use with your child. If your child is injured because of a defective crib model you can seek compensation through a defective product claim.

Contacting a Defective Product Attorney

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