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Xarelto is a common blood thinner which is prescribed to patients at risk for stroke because of blood clots. Bayer is the manufacturer of Xarelto, and Johnson & Johnson (J&J) markets it. It is preferred as a treatment for blood clots by many doctors because it does not require blood tests to determine the dosage as several other blood thinners do.

As with any other drug, there are some anticipated and advertised side effects of Xarelto. Internal bleeding is the most deadly of these side effects, and although this is a side effect often associated with blood thinners, Xarelto poses a larger threat because there is no antidote to remedy the internal bleeding once it begins. Other blood thinners such as Warfarin may also trigger internal bleeding episodes, but doctors can stop the bleeding with Vitamin K treatments in the emergency room.

Bayer and J&J assert that Xarelto is a safe drug to use despite this potential for internal bleeding. However, patients who have suffered from serious complications of Xarelto have brought lawsuits against Bayer stating that the manufacturer did not properly disclose the risks. Discuss your legal options with Xarelto lawyers at Gacovino & Lake.

The Dangers of Xarelto

It is the very job that Xarelto is designed to do that makes it a potentially dangerous drug. Because the drug stops the blood from clotting, the risk of excessive and possibly fatal bleeding from a minor injury is increased and since there is no antidote to stop internal bleeding from Xarelto, patients must wait for the drug to leave their body, which can take up to a day. Elderly patients are more at risk for the dangerous effects of Xarelto because it takes longer for the drug to leave their system.

If a patient is taking Xarelto, simple accidents like minor slip and falls can become very serious and even fatal. Pregnant women are at risk of hemorrhaging if they take Xarelto, and patients requiring surgery must be sure to stop taking the medication for a minimum period of time prior to the procedure to reduce bleeding risk. It’s also important to disclose use of this or other medications to the doctor before the procedure.

In addition, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Black Box warning for potential spinal bleeding when taking the drug. These bleeds occur outside the blood vessels and can create pools of blood in the spine. This occurrence can cause a patient to be paralyzed. 

Filing Lawsuits against Bayer with Xarelto Lawyers

Some patients have filed lawsuits against Bayer. The effects of internal bleeding can be severe and irreversible and death is a possibility if the bleeding goes uncontrolled. Thus, those harmed because of Xarelto may suffer significant damages.

Victims seek compensation for medical bills associated with the internal bleeding episode as well as lost wages and/or pain and suffering. Patients or families suffering from the effects and consequences of internal bleeding should contact Xarelto attorneys familiar with defective drug cases to review the case. An attorney will know what steps to take to file a claim and recover compensation for losses.

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