Woman Wins $1.625 Million Car Accident Settlement

December 27, 2010 – New York, NY – According to the website PRWeb.com, Susan Stitt, who has been the plaintiff in a car accident claim dating back to 2007, obtained a $1.625 million settlement against J.D. Northrup Construction. A New York law firm secured the settlement, offered more than 3 years after the accident, just 2 weeks before jury selection.  The claim was the result of a June 2007 accident in which a truck driver for J.D. Northrup Construction failed to stop at a red light. As a result, the construction company truck collided with Stitt’s vehicle as Stitt attempted to leave a shopping center. According to reports, Stitt was turning left at a green light and the construction truck hit the driver’s side.

As a result of the truck driver’s actions, Stitt suffered an injury to her hip and an aggravation to a previous neck injury. Stitt’s cervical spine injury ultimately required surgery, as did the woman’s hip injury. In the claim, Stitt’s attorney’s asserted that her accident in New York resulted in life-changing injuries and that their client did absolutely nothing to contribute to the car accident.  According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2009, there were 1,156 fatalities as a result of traffic accidents in the state of New York.

To help raise awareness of traffic safety in the New York area, our firm will frequently publish blogs about traffic accidents that occur throughout the 5 boroughs and beyond. We do this to raise awareness about the common types of motor vehicle accidents that occur in New York that may result in serious injury or traffic fatalities.

Among the most common types of car accident in New York include:

  • accidents caused by hazardous road conditions;
  • single-vehicle crashes;
  • rollover accidents; and
  • “distracted driver” accidents or crashes caused by intoxicated drivers.

If you have been named in this blog or you are the victim’s family member or friend and would like the blog removed from our website, please feel free to contact us and we will promptly accommodate your request.

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