Woman Files Lawsuit Against Former Broncos Cornerback, Current Broncos Receiver

(June 11, 2012) Yesterday, a woman filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages against former Denver Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox for sexual assault, and current wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.

Cox was acquitted of all charges by a jury in March, and he went on to sign a two year contract with the San Francisco 49ers.

The woman claims that she became pregnant in September 2010, after visiting Cox’s apartment, only a day after partying the night before.

Prosecutors put on evidence that she did not remember having sex, did not consent to it, and even showed DNA tests proving that Cox was the father. During Cox’s criminal trial, well-known allegations that she became overly intoxicated, possibly drugged after drinking lemon shots at the club, were presented. Cox’s attorney put on evidence that neither the woman, as well as Cox, did not remember having sex.

The lawsuit states that “the prosecution at the criminal trial declined to pursue any claim that a rape drug had been used and instructed its witnesses that they were not to volunteer testimony about such drugging or suspected drugging,” for unknown strategic reasons.

Demaryius Thomas expressed a romantic interest in this woman, and was also at the apartment the night she became pregnant.

This lawsuit alleges battery, sexual assault and battery, aiding and abetting tortious conduct, conspiracy, outrageous conduct, as well as negligence, which include failing to ensure the woman’s safety.

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