Virginia Supreme Court to Hear Lawsuit in Death of Police Recruit

The Supreme Court of Virginia has agreed to hear a lawsuit against the city brought by the widow of a police recruit who was killed in training.

13 News Now reported that the court will likely hear arguments in June or September and a ruling on whether the case will proceed to trial is expected later this year.

John Kohn, the police recruit, collapsed during self-defense training at the Norfolk Police Department in December 2010. The lawsuit alleges instructors’ punches caused his death. An autopsy report said those punches could not be ruled out as contributing to his death and said a collision with another recruit “may have played a significant role.”

A state Labor Department investigation found he was repeatedly struck in the head.

Circuit Judge Mary Hall ruled in May 2013 that the lawsuit could not proceed under the Virginia Workers Compensation Act because it was an injury caused by an accident.

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