Victims of St. Louis Police Crash in 2009 Receive $3.1 Million Reward for Damages

Victims of a 2009 car accident were awarded $3.1 million in damages in St. Louis on June 15. About half the awarded amount will compensate for the death of a 34-year-old mother of two who was driving her grandnephew, two children, and sister to a relative’s house when a suspect fleeing police in a chase hit her car.

The victim’s sister suffered multiple pelvic fractures and was granted $670,000. Her sister’s grandson, who was then 5 years old, was awarded $400,000 in damages for a broken femur. Her son, 7 years old at the time, received a broken collarbone along with two broken legs was awarded $275,000.The boy’s sister received $250,000.

The crash occurred after police officers in Upland Park, Missouri pursued a 16-year-old suspect who had been speeding. The jury viewed a video deposition of a witness, who said the chase went by at almost 80 mph.  The suspect reported the accident was caused when the police car hit him, causing him to crash into the victim’s car; however, the officers in question deny this accusation.

The officers admitted speeding up, but reported they ended the pursuit roughly 12 blocks before the crash scene. The jury found that the Uplands Park police department liable for the crash and resulting injuries awarding the $3.1 million in damages.

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