Why You Should Use Only One Pharmacy

For many people, pharmacies are more than just a place to pick up medication. They play an integral role in their healthcare. But not everyone thinks about the importance of using a quality pharmacy. Consider when it might be time to make a switch to prevent prescription mistakes.

Reasons to Make a Pharmacy Change: Lack of Accessibility

When a pharmacist is too busy to help a patient, answer questions or discuss concerns, then you might want to consider switching to a lower-volume store. However, lower-volume stores are often open fewer hours and may have only one location. The best choice is the one that fits your needs.

Do you often switch medications and would appreciate another set of eyes on how your prescriptions interact with one another? Are you picking up medications for a loved one on a regular basis and worry that he or she might receive the wrong medication or dosage because it’s hard for you to keep track? Then a locally owned, small pharmacy, where the employees recognize you as you walk in, is for you.

On the other hand, are you a busy person who can only seem to hit the pharmacy at odd hours – late at night after work or on Sundays, for example – and you always refill the same prescriptions? Do you travel around for work a lot and need to pick up your medication in different towns? Then one of the larger 24-hour chains with many locations might be your best bet. 


If a pharmacist can’t explain potential side effects or doesn’t know relevant information, this should raise a red flag. In particular, if there are frequent mistakes made with medication, it’s probably time to make a change. Examples might include mixing up a prescription with another patient’s medication, putting on the wrong label or giving an incorrect dosage.

Another sign of incompetence is when the pharmacist doesn’t bother to review with the patient all of the medications being taken to ensure there aren’t duplicates or the potential for adverse reactions.

Why It’s Important to Have Prescriptions Filled at One Pharmacy

There is a greater potential for harmful interactions or duplicates to occur when using different pharmacies. By having everything filled in one place – or at one chain where they can easily call up your drug history – it’s more likely that mistakes will be caught. For instance, a pharmacist might note that a medication has been refilled too early or it’s time to stop taking a drug.

Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. If a patient is sickened because of negligence, it may allow for a claim to be filed. To learn more about one’s rights, contact a malpractice attorney. Gacovino, Lake & Associates offices are in New York, California, Utah and Florida. Call our toll-free number for help: 800-550-0000.

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