Two Strangulation Deaths Lead to Baby Monitor Recall

Baby monitors allow parents to hear sounds from their infants. They are supposed to provide assurance and help parents keep tabs on their baby no matter where they are in the house. So it’s hard to imagine that a children’s product such as this could end up being unsafe.

Unfortunately, that is the reality for Angelcare’s Movement and Sound Baby Monitors, which have tragically caused the death of two infants. The monitor was designed so that the cord (which attaches to the sensor pad) is placed underneath the mattress of the crib. But it can be pulled into the crib and become wrapped around the infant’s neck.

In addition to the deaths of a 13-month-old in California and an 8-month-old in Oregon, there have also been two other reports of infants who became entangled. Fortunately, they did not suffer fatal injuries. In these cases it’s unclear which cord was involved: the sensor pad or monitor cord.

The manufacturer is providing a free repair kit, which includes a rigid protective cord cover through which the sensor pad cord can be threaded. There is also a new warning label included about the risk of strangulation and revisions to the instructions.

Types of Defects Involved in a Product Liability Claim 

In some cases of product liability, the product is defectively designed, which appears to be the case with this baby monitor. In other cases, the product may be defectively manufactured. There are also circumstances in which both the design and the manufacturing were flawed.

The viability of a product liability claim isn’t just based on the defect. It must be the cause of serious or fatal injuries. It’s clear in this case with the baby monitor that the defective design of the cord being tucked underneath the mattress was the direct cause of strangulation.

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