TV Falls on Child After He Pulls on Television Guard

After installing a TV guard, a clear plastic shield that attaches to the front of a television set to prevent children from pressing buttons and changing settings, 19-month-old wandered over and allegedly pulled on the device. The television toppled over, smashing on his head.

The toddler suffered a skull fracture and brain injuries, including a contusion and suffered hemorrhaging and a corneal abrasion.

He now suffers from facial nerve palsy, partial hearing loss as well as vision problems. His past medical expenses, which were paid by insurance, totaled about $232,300.

As guardians on his behalf, his parents sued TV Guard, Inc., the manufacturer of the device, alleging that it was defectively designed due to the fact that a child could pull on it, causing the television to fall.

The parties structured a settlement for $850,000, with $635,000 used to purchase an annuity, which will provide future payments for the child.

It is reality that parents cannot watch their children every second of every day. All parents understand that children are going to find dangerous conditions. The manufacturer of this product should have taken that into account as well. This device should have been able to besecurely attached to the television to avoid an accident such as this taking place.

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