Toxic Welding Rod Fumes

Welding rod fumes contain a number of toxic substances that, over a substantial period of exposure, can cause welder’s disease to individuals of any age. Among the toxins found in welding fumes are Manganese, pesticides and fumes from other industrial metals. Welder’s disease may also be referred to as manganese poisoning, which is nearly identical to (and mistaken for) Parkinson’s disease.

If you or a loved one develops manganese poisoning at work, home or any other location, you may be entitled to a settlement for your injuries and losses. Injured parties can learn more about their legal rights and find out if they have a case by speaking to one of our personal injury lawyers.
Symptoms of Manganese Poisoning

It’s important for everyone who is regularly around welding fumes to understand the symptoms of manganese poisoning so they know when to seek emergency medical attention. Physical symptoms of manganese poisoning may include:

Balancing difficulties (postural instability)
Difficulty walking
Impaired vision
Inability to move spontaneously (akinesia)
Loss of smell (asmonia)
Slowed movement (bradykinesia)
Stiffening muscles

Additionally, manganese poisoning is known to cause the following psychological symptoms:

Delayed reactions
Impaired ability to interpret social cues
Lack of concentration and/or impulse control
Loss of libido
Memory loss (usually affective procedural memory, rather than memory that stores facts)

Who’s at Risk?

Anyone who is regularly exposed to welding rod fumes (whether or not they are actually performing the welding) has a significantly high risk of developing manganese poisoning. Typically, those who are diagnosed with this condition include:

Electrical workers
Glass manufacturers
Iron and metal workers
Pipe fitters
Railroad employees
Steel workers

Such individuals should regularly get checked by their doctor to maintain their health and identify the symptoms of manganese poisoning in their early stages.

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