Tortilla Machine Injures Worker’s Arm

A food processing plant worker’s sleeve got stuck and pulled into a tortilla-making machine, and has settled with the companies that designed, manufactured, and sold the machine, as this incident resulted in injury.

The man was attempting to remove dough balls from the tortilla-making machine when his left sleeve caught onto an open chain link inside a casing, pulling him under the nip point.

The accident resulted in a complex laceration to his left arm, with transection of the nerves, tendons, and muscles. He is left with scarring to his left forearm, as well as a decreased range of motion in his left wrist. He also reported numbness and tingling throughout the entire arm and hand.

The worker sued the Mexican and U.S. companies that designed, manufactured, and sold the machine, alleging theories of strict liability and negligence for failing to provide adequate warnings and safeguards.

The parties settled the case, and would not disclose any information about the amount. The workers’ compensation carrier asserted a $101,100 lien.

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