Toning Shoes Lawsuits Filed

(May 31, 2012) Toning shoes lawsuits have been filed against makers of various toning shoes, alleging that the wearers of these shoes suffered injuries as a result of wearing them. These toning shoes were advertised as helping people get into shape, however, some are arguing that those claims are baseless, and these shoes provide absolutely no health benefits whatsoever.

Those who argue that these shoes provide no health benefit also believe that there is no benefit in wearing these shoes over wearing regular athletic shoes while exercising. In fact, the American Council on Exercise, or ACE, conducted a study that showed that people who exercised in these shoes had no benefits in muscle activation.

These toning shoes, like the Reebok EasyTone and the Skechers Shape-ups, have a “rocker bottom,” which improves muscle tone by forcing the leg muscles to work harder during normal activities such as walking. They are advertised as toning the legs, promoting weight loss, improving posture, and reducing stress on the joints.

However, the Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against Reebok over its claims that its toning shoes would strengthen calf and hamstring muscles by 11 percent. Reebok settled for $25 million, using the settlement money to refund customers who have bought these shoes.

In addition, there has been at least one lawsuit filed over a women who wore the Skechers Shape-ups for five months while working and exercising, and has developed stress fractures in both her hips, despite a normal bone density level. Because the shoe forced her to change her gait, the stresses on the bones and connective tissue changed, thus increasing the risk of chronic injuries such as the stress fractures she suffered, as well as potential Achilles tendon ruptures and soft tissue damage.

In a world where everyone is on the go, running errands on working multiple jobs, nobody has time for the gym, or at least that is the image these product manufacturers portray, so that we will buy their products. But in reality, the products they are looking to profit off of are inherently dangerous. A toning shoe that is unstable will lead to a risk of injury from falling, and even broken bones. If you want toned legs, my suggestion is to go to the elliptical, or a machine in a gym that is manufactured specifically for toning.

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